Saturday, 31 May 2014

J Pod is back in our local waters!!

The weather has been amazing throughout May, which means it has been fantastic to be on the water searching for wildlife & of course, Whales!!  We have been seeing Killer Whales & humpbacks on almost every trip throughout May.  Today on May 31st J Pod, one of our resident killer whale families has returned back to their usual summer feeding ground!  This is perfect timing as our Whale Guarantee comes into affect as of tomorrow.  What this means is that it does not matter how far away the animals we are going - this means our standard 3.5-4 hour trip could be extended.  If the worse case scenario does occur and we have no whales in our immediate area, which is very rarely during summer you get a partial refund of your ticket cost AND you get to come out for FREE too!!

This next week of weather forecast is nothing but sunshine and flat calm seas, you add whales to that mix and you have yourself an incredible west coast adventure that most people will only ever dream of!

Send us an email or give the office a call at any time to find out more details and to book your adventure

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