Monday, 6 January 2014

Introducing BC ORCA 2.0!

Happy 2014 everyone!

Here at BC Whale Tours we have started off the new year with some exciting news, our upgrade of BC ORCA is now complete and ready for action.  For those that do not remember what BC ORCA use to look you can see a picture below.  It was a standard sized RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat), with a single 350hp Yamaha outboard, which made this boat incredibly Eco-Friendly and a lot of fun to go out on.  However, Capt. Harold wasn't quite 100% happy with the way the boat itself handled in the ever-changing West Coast conditions.
Original BC ORCA prior to upgrade

Therefore, enter ORCA 2.0!The changes made to it are quite extreme with the hull being lengthened 10ft, with a complete hull redesign (more details below).  The width of the boat increased to 9ft, allowing all passengers to walk around the boat at all times without having to step on the tubes.  The covered, heated cabin was fitted on the back of the boat allowing everyone escape from the cold and rain that frequents our West Coast throughout the year.  This means that for our 12 passenger maximum on each trip we have 24 seats on board! Lastly, an extra 350 hp Yamaha engine was added giving this girl 700hp, which easily allows her to get up to and over 50knots (100km/hr or 60miles/hr)!  This is hands down the fastest vessel on the West Coast now in the entire Whale Watching Industry!!
BC ORCA today!

The most exciting part of the boat was Capt. Harold's redesign of the hull.  He gave ORCA a double step hull, which means that when ORCA is speeding along less of her hull is in contact with the water's surface this decreases drag/friction.  This in turn allows for higher speeds with less power, which continues to reduce our impact environmentally by using less fuel than competitors whilst covering more distance at a higher speed.  That is a major WIN WIN!  Currently, we are running our Wildlife Tours daily @1pm with a priority of searching for whales ~ if you are up for an unforgettable experience give us a call to book your trip!

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