Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The start of the Spring is upon us and it has been spectacular on the water.  Not only have the usual suspects been consistently being sighted on every trip, which include sea lions, seals, eagles & porpoises.  We have also been having frequent Orca sightings from our resident pods and marine mammal eating Transients.  There have been quite a few random sightings too, that even our most experienced Captains have been surprised by.  These include black bears, sea otters & a lone wolf on one of the close Gulf Islands, who at the time was also deciding to snack on a harbour seal! That is an awesome, unexpected sight!!
photo credit: Shannon Guiler Photography

This Spring has been incredible so far on the water and we are no doubt going to have an incredible summer with all of our boats upgraded and Captains ready for action.  So, if you haven't already booked yet, I would suggest you hurry and plan your west coast experience with us soon ;)

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